“Somtimes we must tell beautiful lies to find the beauty in our truth”


Meet Charity. She is first introduced to us in a Off-Broadway Musical of Romeo & Juliet as Juliet’s Filipina Nanny.

She is about to turn 30 and her life still isn’t going as planned. She has her set of addictions, bad relationships (is husbandless), and is the black sheep of the family, though an only child. Born and raised in America, she struggles with her cultural identity and a failed Broadway actress career that never arrived. She lives in NY holding three jobs, one as a singing waitress at the Stardust Diner. Her life is far from perfect, and far from her roots.

All she wants is to live the dream of success and recognition, at least in the eyes of her family.  When news that her Grandmother is dying in the Philippines reaches her, she regrets never knowing her and tries to make up for time lost by writing a series of letters, lying to her about her ‘perfect life in America’. She lies about how she lives a glamorous life, is dating a well-known actor’s relative, and even sends fake photos of her own wedding, while promising to go visit the Philippines.

Unexpectedly, her grandmother leaves her with a very ‘imperfect’ secret she has kept to herself for many years, revealing the truth of her family and herself. Her grandmother also comes clean about her past to Charity, and no one else.

When she hears that her Grandmother reaches a final delirious state, she must decide whether or not to come clean to her about her lies, and also whether she will expose her Grandmother’s lies.


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Clarinda Morales

Clarinda Morales is a producer, writer, and director.  She has produced Independent film, TV, and documentary, for MTV, VH1, & SHOWTIME over the years, shortly after graduating from UCLA School of Theater, Film, & TV.  Currently, she is now attending the USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with a Directing emphasis.  Before getting accepted to the Graduate Film Production program, her career blossomed.  Her professional credits include Showtime’s documentary, Reversal of Fortune (2007) and Down For Life (2009) (Danny Glover, Elizabeth Pena, Snoop Dogg). However she set her sights on becoming an influential female Filipina writer and director dedicated to diversifying stories within TV & films.


Her directorial debut “Jezuz Loves Chaztity” stars Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams), which will premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival in August 2011.  She continues to make comedies like “Dysfunctional” and “Race: The Mockumentary”.


She is no stranger to comedy, her passion. Before becoming a filmmaker, since age 19 she began performing as a Stand-Up Comedienne.  Clarinda has performed in major cities throughout the US and UK including Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Birmingham, United Kingdom, all places where she has lived.  She worked with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, a political comedic theater group that inspired social change through laughter.


She has always been an active participant in the Filipino community.  She created Comedy charity events like FILIPINO COMIC NITE featuring comics like Rex Navarette, & JoKoy (Comedy Central).  She also was a cast member on FLIPPED SWITCH, a Filipino Web Series.


Much of her work focuses on service to others. She uses media to raise funds and awareness on several issues that are important to her. She has created educational DVD’s and PSA’s that would make a true difference. Her PSA for 500kin365.org (“Keep Her Singing”) raised $70,000.  She is most proud of her PSA “Match” A personal look on becoming a bone marrow donor, inspiring more Asian Americans to give back and give hope through Asians for Miracle Matches (A3M). Most recently, she completed a PSA entitled “ Salin Lahi (Pass It On)” for Kayamanan Ng Lahi, a Non-Profit Folkloric Filipino Dance Organization on their 20th year which debut at the FilAm Arts Screening this past March 2011.


Her most recent film 2011  “ A Dance in the Plaza” (in completion) is a heartfelt dramedy that she wrote inspired by her years living in New York. “A Beautiful Lie” will be her second film that she hopes to work with a stellar Filipina lead, one that presents her unique voice to the screen, representing the voice of the Filipina-American.  This film will be her Thesis Film that will complete her Graduate study at USC in Spring 2012.

A DANCE IN THE PLAZA (2011)                    DRAMEDY

About: A film inspired by life in New York, this story is about three strangers find healing in each other through one dance in the plaza

“There are no such thing as strangers, just friends that haven’t met yet”

Cast: John Cigriliano. Emily Graham-Handley, Klemen Novak, Shannon Sullivan



About: Chuck is a racist. At least he think he is. He admitted himself to Racial Rehab. When his estranged sister, Smith, the mayor of their small Illinois town, runs for president, she must reunite with her brother in order to exploit him and win the ethnic vote  Cast: Daniel Crabtree, Matthew Harris, Kim Hopkins, & Amy Higgins

Tag: A mockumentary inspired by the greatest taboos: RACE & POLITICS



Starring: Zelda Williams *

About: A teenager idolizes a religious rapper Jezuz, of the group JEZUZ! And the Apostle Posse and asks for love advice invoking the appearance of Madonna, a punk-rocker Virgin Mary

Tag: “Jezuz is a rapper, Mary a rocker, and Chazity falls in love”



Tag: An Underground Family Experience

About: A Comedy about trying to find romance by role-playing at a rave, and family therapy when running into your teenage daughter



About: A young black man recently unemployed struggles to find work


SALIN LAHI (2010)                 COMMERCIAL/PSA         (FIL-AM ARTS)

About: A young woman passes on her Grandmother’s roots through dancing a traditional folkloric dance tradition of the Philippines, paying tribute to her life

(PSA for Kayamanan Ng Lahi)


About: A scene from Jessica Hagedorn’s famous Filipino-American play, “Dogeaters”)

“If love can happen in the movies, why not in a janky theater?”


MATCH (2009)                     DOCUMENTARY          SHORT

About: A personal look about my wish to save my recepient life, an anonymous 10 year old boy through Bone Marrow transplant

DIRTY LAUNDRY, (2009)                COMEDY, FANTASY

An unusual love story between a street performer who is seduced by a woman  who lures him into the Laundromat and exposes her dirty laundry

Tag: Doing laundry

CRASH, (2009)                   DRAMA

A scene from Paul Haggis’ Academy-Award Winning Film



PLEASE ALSO SEE HER IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1810746/

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